Thankfully most of us don’t need to think about our water systems at home. From time
to time, unfortunately, we are caught off guard and there can be serious problems. If you are
unlucky enough to have a leak in one of your plumbing or heating systems it can be very
upsetting and cause a lot of damage with loss of property and possessions. Water damage can
be extensive and very expensive to repair. Home insurance usually covers this type of damage
although the insurance companies seem to be getting more stringent on what is covered
especially if you have had a similar event before.
So what can you do if you do have a leak at home? The most important thing to do is to
stop the flow of water as quickly as possible. How do you do that?

if you do have a leak at home

  • If you have a pressurised system(one with a pump), turn off the pump, and open
    any taps to drain the pressure from the system.
  • If you have a gravity system(one where there are storage tanks usually in the
    attic) try to locate the relevant valve and shut it off.
  • If you can’t locate the correct valve or you don’t know which one to turn off then
    turn off your mains supply, usually located outside the home.
  • Once the mains supply is turned off, unfortunately, there is very little left to do
    except to wait for the flow of water to stop, this can take some time especially
    considering there is normally between 160L to 240L (sometimes more) water
    stored in your attic. This can result in significant damage and while the mains
    supply is from other systems in the house will be affected showers, toilets etc.
  • It is best to contact a plumber to carry out repairs.

At Alvention Ltd. we are developing the Omni Plug which is part of the Alvention
Products range. The Omni Plug can be inserted into your storage tank and placed into the
outlet which is feeding the leak. Once inserted the Omni Plug can be pressurised to stop the
outlet, therefore, preventing the storage tank from emptying and allowing other parts of the
system e.g showers and toilets to still operate. Naturally, any service which is supplied by the
affected area will not now work. The Omni Plug can save you precious time and therefore
protect your property from further damage.


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